A resident of Johannesburg founded a fund to help the needy

A resident of Johannesburg founded a fund to help the needy

Percy Malepe (27) from Dipslot in Johannesburg is working hard to improve the lives of people in his community. He is the founder and chairman of the Ikemeleng Foundation, a non-profit organization that feeds 400 people a day, offers free sports and extracurricular activities for students. The youth organization was founded in 2020 during the […]

South Africa

South Africa fears continued strike by Cape Town port workers

The number of strikers in the port of Cape Town and the railway of South Africa continues to grow, which could worsen the situation with the export of minerals, Mining.com reported on October 10. “Not all ports and freight railways will be open today,” said Bushi Mawuso, CEO of Business Leadership South Africa. Recall that […]

Portrait of Mrs. Mahlangu

Woman with a mission to preserve Ndebele culture (South Africa)

Famous for her unique drawings on traditional huts and many buildings with vivid geometric designs, Mahlangu (86 years old) from Middelburg, South Africa introduced the traditional craft of the Ndebele community. thousands of generations passed down through the generations and earned a unique place in the world of contemporary abstract art. Mahlangu was born in […]