John Deere (Africa) CEO talks about tractor sales and farming trends on the African continent

How John Deere has achieved success in the African market, Jacko Beyers, Managing Director of John Deere Africa & Middle East, also talked about trends in agribusiness and agricultural equipment on the African continent. John Deere, a US brand of Deere & Company, makes tractors and other agricultural equipment. In Africa, the company sells agricultural equipment through a third-party dealer network.

More than $17bn allocated to Africa for agriculture development

More than $17 billion has been pledged by a coalition of development banks and partners, including the African Development Bank and the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), to fight rising hunger and improve food security in Africa. The announcement was made on 30 April during a high-level forum on ‘Nutrition Africa: Leadership to […]

Bye Aerospace unveils eight-seat electric aircraft with a parachute

In the US, an aerospace company plans to build a passenger aircraft with green engines in a few years. US company Bye Aerospace has announced a new electric aircraft, the eFlyer 800. The aircraft will seat eight passengers and have a claimed range of around 930 kilometres, according to the organisation’s official website. The aircraft […]

Agricultural machinery sales are on the rise in South Africa

We are told by the information portal that sales figures for agricultural machinery increased by 28% to 445 units in January 2021, up from 348 units in January last year. “Sales of agricultural machinery continued to grow, confirming the future prospects of the agricultural sector. In January, the corresponding figures for machinery sales increased by […]

Kenya has its own car industry and its own SUV

Kenyan company Mobius Motors has found the funds to launch the production of an affordable SUV priced from $10,000 designed specifically for driving on dirt roads in Africa. The bulk of the $50 million loan was provided by PanAfrican Investment Company, a private equity firm based in New York. But something else is important. Kenya […]

North Africa is emerging as a new automotive manufacturing hub

This is due to the increasing demand for cars and the influx of foreign investment in the region The major car manufacturers are looking to create a new automotive cluster in North Africa, despite Africa’s rare history of industrial success. Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Hyundai Motor, Toyota Motor have invested billions in Africa in recent years. […]